Designer, furniture design, product design, research + development, prototype, fabrication for mass production, identity, marketing, branding, graphic design

The FINGERCOUCH collection is about simplicity in design, art and life. Inspired by the fast rhythm of people while walking, working, living and the necessity of resting. The asymmetric configuration of each FINGER creates a contemporary lounge environment. The FINGERCOUCH line fits perfectly in public spaces, events, exhibitions, lounges, art galleries and waiting zones. Modular interlocking fingers fit together in modern arrangement of class and style.
At Scale 1:1 we focused on producing compelling modular solutions with a no tools required mentality. My role at Scale 1:1 was taking the furniture concepts to production, and creating the Scale 1:1 brand while developing a brand for each piece of furniture that fits within the Scale 1:1 brand. The production of shop drawings, fabricating and testing prototypes; designing everything from details & accessories to marketing, packaging, and installation guides all had my fingerprint. See Scale 1:1 Brand Book for more Scale 1:1 products under my influence.
SC_fingercouch-lounge SC_fingercouch-couch SC_fingercouch-bench SC_fingercouch-ottoman