Designer, furniture design, product design, research + development, prototype, fabrication for mass production, identity, marketing, branding, graphic design

The flexible and expandable EYHOV Desk System allows you to build and reconfigure an office space to meet the needs of a growing and changing business environment. EYHOV can expand as offices grow with each component fitting seamlessly with the next, so that start-up and large corporate firms alike can develop functional environments to allow for endless ideas and flexibility. EYHOV Workstations is made up of two basic building blocks: The EYHOV Single and the EYHOV Double. By joining these with a few other elements and accessories, you can create an endless range of workstation solutions to meet the needs of any environment.
At Scale 1:1 we focused on producing compelling modular solutions with a no tools required mentality. My role at Scale 1:1 was taking the furniture concepts to production, and creating the Scale 1:1 brand while developing a brand for each piece of furniture that fits within the Scale 1:1 brand. The production of shop drawings, fabricating and testing prototypes; designing everything from details & accessories to marketing, packaging, and installation guides all had my fingerprint. See Scale 1:1 Brand Book for more Scale 1:1 products under my influence.